Friday, 14 May 2010

SO:NI Lavery's Gig - 13-05-10

Well I'm all finished from last night. There was a quick change in the lineup as unfortunately, Disco in Paris couldn't make it and Malaika Shaw stood in with her wonderful acoustic session.

Malaika took to the stage with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and her voice, but boy is that all she needed! She graced us with wonderful groovy tones and tunes. While the venue was rather empty at this stage she got an amazing reception. She's one to watch in the future.

Next up where Sensible Creation. This was their first Belfast gig and they made their mark in Belfast last night. Their pop/rock sounds bounced along nicely.

The main head liners, Seeds of Love really didn't disappoint. They contrasted nicely with the previous artists with their folk music. It took a while for all five members of the band to get set up and tune the many acoustic guitars and mandolins but once ready they really brought the house down. The lead singer had an air of Bob Dylan about his singing which was nice to see. All the band where tightly and the various stringed instruments helped to provide a nice sonic landscape.

It was a tough venue to photography, mainly due to the LED lights that washed the entire stage in green light and for this reason many of the images have been converted to black and white. It was an enjoyable evening with a nice range of music genres and craic.  I'd like to thank all the bands, Lavery's Bar and SO:NI for providing the evening entrainment.

Full galleries can be found below:
Malaika Shaw
Sensible Creation
Seeds of Love

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