Sunday, 9 May 2010

So what do you want to know?

My name is Peter Stuart and at the time of writing I'm 22.  I have been photography since 2006 when I bought a Nikon D50.  For a while I was happy with it until I came to upgrading and found that the prices where higher than that of Canon's.  I therefore jumped shipped and been happy since late 2006 shooting Canon.  Over the years I've expanded from just shooting flowers in the garden to covering various gigs, motor sport events and a whole range of portraits and architecture.

In mid 2009 I was asked to photograph my friend's band, Ashfall, play their first gig in a bar in Belfast.  This was a tough shoot as there was minimal lighting, fast moving subjects and the deafening, face melting solos to contend with.  However the band were very happy with the images produced and it has lead to another of other such shoots.

Now in 2010 I am contemplating about running Blackvault Photography as a gig photography business and it seems to be working.  Just need to get the prices right and I feel I can make inroads into this area of photography.

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